MultiLink 19" 48 channel stage box with 2 x RMP multipin M and single ground wiring


  • each XLR input is leading to 2 multipin outputs - OP1 and OP2.
  • OP1 is designed as a classical FOH terminal, OP2 is a parallel output.
  • the ground lift switch in each channel can be used to interrupt the grounding to OP2.
  • OP2 is thus also suitable for MON or REC purposes.
  • In each stagebox the last 8 XLR inputs are wired in parallel to 8 XLR outputs and can therefore be used either as inputs or returns.
  • the versatility of the MultiLink system is greatly increased by the addition of 25-pin D-Sub terminations on the back.
  • 2 D-Sub termination in parallel are provided for each block of 8 XLR inputs. the wiring is designed in the very common pinout of analogue TASCAM™ and YAMAHA equipment.
  • compatible with LK connectors, Tourline and CIRLK, as well as other connectors according to MIL C 5015 standard
2-3 Tage
48 Ch. 19" MultiLINK Stagebox, RMP FOH:150p M; MON:150p M;

order code: 19ML48VE

multipin:2x RMP M/M
XLR inputs:48
XLR outputs:8
on request
€2,123.96 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


housing: metal, black matt
front panel: 3 mm aluminium, black powder-coating
height: 10 RU
housing depth: 95 mm
assembly back: D-Sub 25p. female with protective cover
The ultra-rugged floor stage boxes in the KLOTZ K-Sub series are popular with major equipment rental companies - all over the world. Immediately recognizable from their unique trapezoidal shape, they offer plenty of space for labelling. But their main claim to fame is their extremely high stability and flexibility.
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