patch cable

The range of fibre optic installation cables from KLOTZ offers solutions for fibre optic cabling inside buildings. The advantage of this series is the use of robust, individually jacketed fibers that enable complete solutions without splice box and connector assembly.

breakout cable

The FO breakout cables from KLOTZ are ideal for installation in buildings, preferably in cable ducts and on cable trays. The design allows direct plug mounting, so that splice connections are not necessary.

FiberLink cable

KLOTZ manufactures the FiberLink cable series especially for mobile use. Their extreme robustness is explained by the use of a thick PUR outer jacket and a generous aramid armouring. In addition to the opticalCON DUO connector, our SmartBeam connectors with two, four and eight lenses and our SmartBeam MINI are also used as connectors.

FiberLink cable drum

Drum systems are particularly well suited for mobile applications. KLOTZ supplies high-quality assembled fibre optic cable drums and, depending on the cable length, always uses the right drum for the best possible storage of the fibre optic cable.

FiberLink breakout cable

In this section you will find mobile FiberLink breakout cables for KLOTZ SmartBeam and opticalCON DUO connectors, which allow direct connector assembly to standard connectors (LC/SC/ST) using specially manufactured hollow conductors and strain relief elements.

bulkhead adapter

The SmartBeam Bulkhead D-Series lens chassis connector fits into any D-hole from the front and is also dust and waterproof to IP67. Of course, the SmartBeam Bulkhead is compatible with international standards and systems such as Fiberfox, Stratos, Optocore, Eurolens, Optocon or FibreCast™.

signal distribution - passive

Here you will find passive FO signal distributors for KLOTZ SmartBeam and Neutrik opticalCON connectors in various designs: from FiberEXplorer in a robust tour case to 19" panels and professional TrussLink metal housings for event technology.

fiber optic extender - active

For tours and stages, KLOTZ offers active extenders that are powered via powerCON connectors. The converters have SmartBeam connections and, depending on the version, BNC sockets for 3G-SDI, DVI connections or RJ45 sockets.

SMPTE cable

KLOTZ manufactures high-quality fiber optic cables for HDTV cameras according to SMPTE 311M and ARIB standards. In addition to four power cores and two conductors for control signals, the hybrid cables have two single-mode fiber optic lines. The camera cable CAM311 is available with different LEMO connectors or alternatively with Neutrik opticalCON connectors.

SMPTE cable drum

Drum systems are particularly well suited for mobile applications. KLOTZ supplies high-quality cable drums assembled to SMPTE 311M and ARIB standards and, depending on the cable length, always uses the appropriate drum for the best possible storage of the hybrid cable.

SMPTE bulkhead adapter

The SMPTE camera adapter cables from KLOTZ are equipped with LEMO EDW installation adapters. The other cable end remains open except for the two single-mode fibers with LC/SC/ST connectors and can be further processed as required, e.g. for use in an OB van (CCU) or rack.


Pre-assembled SMPTE cables are mainly used for installations, for example in stadiums. They can be reliably laid with the insertion aid for LEMO connectors. Here you will also find the matching SMPTE connector panels.