ULL1581XL Split-Transformator


  • ULL1581XL Split Transformers are produced by Lundahl and are suitable for higher input levels of up to +12 dBu, with harmonic distortion of less than 1%. We use them in our MXT02 Modular Signal Distribution (MSD) Module.||With a transmission rate of 1+1 : 1+1, the transformer enables input signals to be tapped twice and fed in twice, for example where redundancy is desired.
2-3 Tage
Splitting Transformer 1+1:1+1, max.THD 0,1%@+3dBU, 50Hz,

order code: ULL1581XL

type:split transformer
material:µ metal shielding
short-notice delivery possible
€95.58 /
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housing: µ metal shielding
dimensions: l=38 mm; w=24 mm; h=21 mm
frequency response: 10 - 200.000 Hz (±0,5 dB)
test voltage:  
windung / core: 2000 V
winding / winding: 4000 V