T-Box QUAD Fiber Rigg & Floor Box, multimode fiber optic distribution
1x SmartBeam QUAD to 2x LC/PC Duplex


  • KLOTZ SmartBeam DUO & QUAD, hermaphrodite expanded beam connector
  • ultra-low attenuation: < 0.5 dB / SmartBeam
  • for installations, > 3000 mating cycles
  • trouble-free installation
  • compatible with international standards and systems including Fiberfox, FibreCo HMA, Stratos, Optocore, Eurolens EBC, Optocon, FibreCast™ or plug in the MIL-DTL-83526/20 and bulkheads in the MIL-DTL-83526/21 standard
  • rugged aluminium housing (based on our popular StraightLink series)
  • M10 screw thread and four holes for safety lanyards
2-3 Tage
QUAD  Fiber MM  TrussLink, 1x SmartBeam-4 MM

order code: TB0-S1F4LC

connectors:SmartBeam QUAD - 4x LC
housing color:black
on request
€1,547.77 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


housing: rigg box
dimensions: l=190 mm; w=105 mm; h=70 mm
material: rugged aluminium housing (based on our popular StraightLink series)
pre-drilled holes: M10 screw thread and four holes for safety lanyards


connector 1: hermaphroditic SmartBeam QUAD lens connector designed for harsh climatic conditions, with plastic protection cap
connector 2: 4x LC
protection class: IP42
Fiber optic cables are ubiquitous in today's event technology. No matter whether audio, video, network or light - the fiber optic all-rounders are always present. We were inspired by our bulkhead adapters FB4Z..., which are intended for rack installation, and the TB0-S1F4LC was developed. It is ideal for use in trusses. The super robust metal housing has four eyelets for suspension with wire rope and an additional M10 thread on the bottom for attachment with e.g. a Manfrotto Superclamp. As far as signal distribution is concerned, we have taken care: our proven 4-way lens connector SmartBeam QUAD offers transfer rates of up to 4 x 10 Gbit/s and distributes these to two LC-Duplex chassis connectors. Of course, all plugs and sockets are equipped with a protective cap and have at least IP42 protection, and the TB0-S1F4LC's non-directional connection technology can easily cope with more than 3000 mating cycles.
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