SPUTNIK TOP & SUB speaker adapter
speakON 8p M - 4 x EP 5p M


  • suitable for TOP and SUB due to bridged EP5 plugs
  • heavy duty speakON 8p plug by KLOTZ with strain relief loop
  • conductor cross-section: 2.5 mm²
  • adapts an 8-channel multicore to 4 speaker signals
  • suitable for d&b
  • Z5346.000 adapter NLT8M to 4x EP5M
2-3 Tage
Speaker SPUTNIK Adaptor , NLT8MXBAG - 4x EP5M

order code: SPT8M-E5MB-01.0

type:TOP & SUB
input:speakON 8p M, metal shell
output:4x EP5 M, metal shell
fanout length:1000 mm
cable color:black
on request
€498.73 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


cable typ: LY225S - 50 x 0.25 mm, stranded bare copper, extraordinary flexible
jacket: PVC, black


connector 1: speakON 8p M, metal shell
connector 2: 4x EP5 M, metal shell
The SPUTNIK SPT8 Line Array Adapters are extremely robustly designed and thus enable reliable as well as clearly arranged loudspeaker cabling. In a POM thermoset plastic grommet, the four channels are again divided into individual cables. The bridged NLT4 and EP5 connectors on the fanout make the adapters suitable for both TOP and SUB cabling. The fanout cables for the subwoofer resolutions are the same length, while the line array resolutions are suitably graduated in length.