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  1. new - new product

    MISSET16XFMRMFM MIS SET 19'' 16-channel 4x 1:1 split, 2 RU, DIY-SET for self-assembly

    • 16 channel split in modular construction
    • 1 to 4 Y-splits (direct 1:1)
    • only 150mm deep
    • compact construction
    • easy assembly
    • quick modification
    • delivery as DIY kit for self-assembly
    • assembly and testing through KLOTZ AIS on inquiry
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  2. new - new product
    Please notice that splitting digital audio signals is not as easy as splitting analogue audio signals.  With digital audio signals, you must observe termination impedances. -

    ST1600MFE TrussLink 16 channels - 16/0 XLR + 2x RMP M/F - single ground

    • audio stagebox with significantly increased functionality
    • easy weight, solid aluminium chassis, black grey powder coating
    • non-skid due to solid mounted rubber bases
    • slip-proof rubber feet, M10 screw thread and four holes for safety lanyards
    • always stays firmly in position - whether it is used free-standing or attached to a rig
    • compatible with LK, Tourline and CIRLK, as well as other connectors according to MIL C 5015 standard
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  3. new - new product
    polyurethane (PUR) - Thermoplastic elastomere, distinguished by extreme fl exibility at low temperatures (down to -40 degrees). It also offers extremely high mechanical strength and is therefor specially suitable for cable jackets in outdoor use.

    M3 outdoor microphone cable with Neutrik XLR acc. to IP65, MY206UP

    • M3 range with XLR all metal shell, gold-plated pins, acc. to IP65
    • MY206, 0.22 mm², capacity 60 pF/m (18 pF/ft)
    • PUR overall jacket
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  4. new - new product

    AS-EX3 lightweight headphone extension mini jack 3.5 mm - jack 6.35 mm

    • very flexible
    • fully compatible with any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack female
    • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for loss-free transitions
    • really lightweight
    • very durable
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  5. new - new product

    AS-EX6 lightweight headphone extension jack 6.35 mm - mini jack 3.5 mm

    • very flexible
    • fully compatible with any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack female
    • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for loss-free transitions
    • really lightweight
    • very durable
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  6. new - new product

    HDMI-HI HDMI high end cable, high speed with Ethernet, covered with nylon braid

    • including HEC - HDMI Ethernet channel (100 Mbit/s)
    • supports all features of HDMI High Speed with Ethernet specification
    • HDMI A, moulded plastic sleeve, gold plated contacts
    • covered with nylon braid
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  7. new - new product

    SLW016XE StraightLink 16 channels - 0/16 XLR- single ground

    • quality aluminium design, black matt RAL, with rugged rubber feet for non-slip stability
    • PW..X, Ø 0.22 mm², high flexible studio multicore, XLPE insulation (cross-linked PE)
    • outstanding sound quality on stage and in the studio
    • ideal for studio installation or everyday stage use
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  8. new - new product

    IECLOCKPLUS IEC C13 LOCK+ REWIREABLE female cable connector with latch

    • straight female connector
    • patented locking mechanism that prevents unintentional removal
    • compatible to all IEC power inputs usually in commerce
    • developed for the use in racks where space is limited
    • 10A, 250V (Europe) / 15A, 250V (USA)
    • can be retrofitted
    • screw terminals
    • for 3x 1.5mm²
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  9. new - new product
    flame retardant and non corrosive (FRNC) - Comply with DIN VDE and ICE standards. Flame retardant and halogen-free cables with combustion gas that does not form aggressive acids in combination with water. Application: Installations (less flexible than e.g. PVC).
    CPR class Eca -

    F-BL04S1H-E fiber optic breakout cable - I-V(ZN)HH 4 x OS2

    • semi-tight buffered fibres (strippable up to 100 cm)
    • up to 4 individual cables with strain relief
    • flame retardant and non corrosive (FRNC)
    • CPR class Eca
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  10. new - new product

    MIS-S-4X4P distribution panel 4 x 4 SIL 12p. male connectors in parallel, mounted on one side with 21 UM with dummy cover

    • significantly increases the range of splitting options
    • can be screwed directly to the MIS-FR module frame instead of a dummy cover
    • 4 blocks with 4 ports each (all male) for system cables
    • successor of MIS-S-4X4
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