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    Please notice that splitting digital audio signals is not as easy as splitting analogue audio signals.  With digital audio signals, you must observe termination impedances. -

    CLAES3PTRUSS CATLink 4 channels - 4||4 XLR + 2x RJ45 F - common ground, TrussLink housing

    • audio stagebox with significantly increased functionality
    • pairs of parallel connected XLR 3p. F/M can be used as send or return
    • easy weight, solid aluminium chassis, black grey powder coating
    • metal housing, black matt
    • slip-proof rubber feet, M10 screw thread and four holes for safety lanyards
    • always stays firmly in position - whether it is used free-standing or attached to a rig
    • compatible with other CATLink products
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    polyurethane (PUR) - Thermoplastic elastomere, distinguished by extreme fl exibility at low temperatures (down to -40 degrees). It also offers extremely high mechanical strength and is therefor specially suitable for cable jackets in outdoor use.

    K12RM 12 channels AES/EBU with RMP F/M and PUR outer jacket

    • 2x RMP 37p. (two round multipin connectors) with gold-plated male and female pins and protective covers
    • quality, robust and reliable connection> 2000 plug cycles even under adverse conditions
    • stainless aluminum housing state with bayonet, IP67 when plugged and closed (cover)
    • compatible with LK connectors, Tourline and CIRLK, as well as other connectors according to MIL C 5015 standard
    • outer jacket from robust PUR
    • AES/EBU
    • OmniLIVE, for digital & analog audio, 110 Ω
    • flexible cable with pair shield AL/PETP foil and additional over all braid shield
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