microphone & line audio

Our microphone cables have shrink sleeves for easy identification. The KLOTZ connectors can be colour-coded and laser-engraved with your logo. Our best-selling M2 is a rugged, durable microphone cable for routine stage operation.

speaker & line array

Our KLOTZ line array cables and SPUTNIK adapters are available for all standard PA systems, including d&b and L-Acoustics. Some of our cables retain their flexibility even at operating temperatures of up to -40°C. Others have large conductor cross-sections of up to 24 x 4 mm² and deliver top performance even over long distances.

MiniLink & adapter

This category includes rugged audio cables with metal adapters for special purposes as well as premium adapters for all possible purposes. Essential for your “emergency kit”.

digital audio

KLOTZ digital cables comply 100% with standard formats including DMX, AES, MADI, S/PDIF and WordClock. Even long transmission lengths are child’s play for these premium-quality cables. We recommend our in-house developed KC Series of XLR connectors, offering outstanding value for money.


For reliable control of lighting technology, dimmers, intelligent spotlights, moving heads and lighting effects, the exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms must be maintained for the control protocol - our high-quality 3 and 5pin DMX products made of bulk model OT2000 or the double shielded supreme cable OT206 guarantee accurate values, assignments and long-lasting road use.

CAT network

Way back in 2008, we designed our “Rugged And Mobile” RamCAT series for the rough and tumble of stage life. It has undergone continuous further development ever since. Other network cable models are designed for studio use. Our extensive range of network cables is rounded off by our universal 4-channel CATLink multicores and interfaces – all Made by KLOTZ.

power & hybrid

High currents, varying connector types and long transmission distances all call for high-quality products. We supply hybrid power, signal and data cables, all in the premium quality that is our hallmark here at KLOTZ.

systems & stageboxes

From floor stage boxes (TrueLink, StraightLink) to modular 19” split systems with over 100 channels (MIS, MultiLink), all the products supplied here reflect our ultra-rigorous quality standards. The majority of our systems are digital ready and capable of processing both analogue and digital systems.

fiber optic

Today’s media formats, like media over IP and multimedia streaming, are extremely heavy on data and need equipment that is equally cutting-edge. KLOTZ fiber optic cables are head and shoulders above conventional copper cable technology. Transmission quality is outstanding and external interference does not have a chance.

video & tv

Cabling for cameras and displays at events must be capable of handling enormous loads. Our HDMI special cables are designed specifically for mobile use. They smoothly deliver high-res image transmission over distances of up to 100 meters.


Multichannel cables with quality connectors, both analogue and digital, for all standard D-sub connections to mixers and interfaces from brands including Yamaha, Tascam, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Midas, DiGiCo, Apogee and RME – to name just a few. All KLOTZ looms are manufactured and supplied to our proven hallmark Made in Germany quality.

DI-box, components & tools

In addition to our awardwinning passive DI-box (DX10), we also supply an extensive range of cable accessories including termination panels, connectors and tools for professional making-up of quality signal cables.