PowerLink safety ring for mounting clamp


  • for PowerLink 4 channel load distributor
  • securing ring for truss fastening clamp
  • acrylic rubber, black
2-3 Tage
The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox is an extremely robust, ergonomic and easy-to-use power distribution system. It is equipped with one input and four outputs. It offers a current carrying capacity of up to 16A/250V. Due to the compact size and the ergonomic arrangement of the connections, easy handling is guaranteed even in tough everyday stage use - and even with gloves. The plastic housing has a design with rounded absorber edges, but also the robust surface is particularly shock-absorbent. External forces are thus perfectly diverted. Inside the box, reinforcing cross ribs, in conjunction with six enclosure screws, give the PowerLink Truss & Stagebox a very high level of resistance and ensure compliance with current safety standards. A fall from truss height is easily absorbed, which underlines the robustness and durability. In addition, the housing is ultra-light. The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox can be easily and quickly attached to a truss via two PowerLink Clamps; additional securing with two O-rings is also possible. Alternatively, the box can be equipped with an optional metal bracket on the underside. This has 2 pre-drilled holes as well as an M10 screw connection to ensure screwed fastening.