PolyLITE - RMP 19p F - 6x XLR 3p F - DOMF
6-channel - digital fanout - single ground


  • pinout according to L-Acoustics standard
  • quality, robust and reliable connection> 2000 plug cycles even under adverse conditions
  • stainless aluminum housing state with bayonet, IP67 when plugged and closed (cover)
  • compatible with CA-COM or PA-COM 19p. with bayonet lock
  • OmniTRANS - 2x 0,15 mm² - AES/EBU patch cable - PVC
  • tinned copper spiral shield, >95% coverage
2-3 Tage
6-Ch fanout adapter 1,2m DOMF, 6x XLR3p F - PA-COM 19p F w.

order code: PAC19AD-FXF6

multipin:RMP F
XLR inputs:6
XLR outputs:0
manufacturer XLR:Neutrik®
cable color:black
length:1.2 m
on request
€348.19 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


cable typ: OT1000 - very compact cable for cramped space conditions, Ø 4.6 mm
heat shrink (transparent): 70 mm


pins: 19
connector 1: RMP (round multipin connector) female
contact 1: gold-plated
pinout: pinout female insert - wiring side
connector 2: XLR fanout with 8 XLR female
contact 2: silver-plated
Our Multicore Fanouts are the ideal choice for applications where analogue or digital audio signals have to be distributed and processed. The RMP connectors have rustproof aluminium housing and bayonet connections, providing IP67 rating in both connected and closed states. They are also incredibly reliable (over 2000 mating cycles) even in the harshest outdoor conditions.
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