guitar, patch & instrument

Our comprehensive range of instrument cables offers the ideal product for any application. Crafted from 40 years of experience and expertise, all the cables we manufacture are designed for optimum signal transmission.

microphone & analog audio

Our extensive range of microphone cables has the perfect product for any type of user, from budget-conscious entry-level customers to meticulous quality-conscious pros. Common features of all our product series are their outstanding transmission characteristics and superb craftsmanship.

digital audio

Digital devices have long been part of musicians’ everyday equipment. We supply cables for an enormous range of different needs. From lighting control to sampling, our priority is always supreme quality.


For reliable control of lighting technology, dimmers, intelligent spotlights, moving heads and lighting effects, the exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms must be maintained for the control protocol - our high-quality 3 and 5pin DMX products made of bulk model OT2000 or the double shielded supreme cable OT206 guarantee accurate values, assignments and long-lasting road use.


These cables and connectors carry the powerful output from your amps as well as the carefully mixed signals from your FOH or monitor mixers. Our speaker cables are designed for extreme loads combined with excellent signal transmission.

MiniLink & adapter

Wherever external equipment like tablets needs to be integrated into a performance, connectors and cables that go beyond the usual standard fare are needed. Our professional adapter and audio cables provide reliable connections between the most wide-ranging output types without compromising on superb transmission quality.

CAT network

Our CAT cables are the ideal choice for reliable, top-quality connection of digital mixers, stage boxes, amps, instruments and much, much more over long distances.

power & hybrid

High currents, varying connector types and long transmission distances need high-quality products. We supply combined power and signal cables in the outstanding quality that is our hallmark.

systems & stageboxes

Where our stage boxes are concerned, we apply the same high quality standards across the board to mechanical and electrical components alike. We have a wealth of experience and expertise from 40 years of manufacturing high-end products, which naturally also flows into production of lower-cost products. Made in Germany is our commitment and our pledge.

video, tv & camera

Cable systems for cameras and stage monitors must be able to handle the same high loads as audio cables. Our cables are designed for maximum ruggedness and outstanding signal fidelity.


Multi-channel cables with widely varying analogue and digital connectors or connector systems are produced and supplied to the high Made in Germany quality that is the KLOTZ hallmark.

DI-box & components

With the expertise from 40 years of top-quality cable production, we set the bar for audio accessories at new heights. Our DI-box has received acclaim from musicians, producers and sound engineers without exception.