MIS 12 channel 3 x 1:1 split - 2 RU
DIY-SET for self-assembly


  • 12 channel split in modular construction
  • 1 to 3 Y-splits (direct 1:1)
  • only 195mm deep
  • compact construction
  • easy assembly
  • quick modification
  • delivery as DIY kit for self-assembly
  • assembly and testing through KLOTZ AIS on inquiry
2-3 Tage
MIS 12 channel, 19'' 2RU, 4x1:1 Splitter as DIY-SET

order code: MISSET12XFMRMFM

scope of delivery:items, for self-assembly
on request
€1,330.18 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only

MIS set

channels: 12
height: 2 RU
width: 19 inch
width: 432 mm
mounting unit: 84 HP
connector 1: RMP 37p. (round multipin connector) with gold-plated male pins and protective cover
connector 2: XLR 3p. male
scope of delivery: items, for self-assembly
Have you always found your XLR splitter had too few inputs for your purpose? Or unneeded outputs? Or simply took up too much space? Now we can offer the perfect solution! Our Modular Interface System (MIS) lets you decide exactly what your XLR splitter needs. We’ve fitted a whole 32-channel splitter into only two height units and 195mm depth. Inputs/outputs are split in a ratio of 1:2; signals are unimpaired and transmitted one-to-one. We supply the individual components; you put it all together – it’s child’s play. Want to modify the design? Couldn’t be simpler! On request, we can also perform the assembly and electrical testing. It’s never been easier to build your own XLR splitter.
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