Single-Mode fiber optic distribution - 42 HP
SmartBeam OCTO - 4 x opticalCON DUO


  • for MIS-FR 19" frame
  • Single-Mode OS2
  • SmartBeam OCTO - 4x LC opticalCON
  • KLOTZ SmartBeam OCTO, unique hermaphrodite 8x expanded beam connector
  • ultra-low attenuation: < 0.5 dB / SmartBeam
  • for installations, > 3000 mating cycles
  • ultra-rugged and suitable for outdoor use
  • trouble-free installation
2-3 Tage


fiber: Single-Mode OS2


connector 1: hermaphroditic SmartBeam OCTO lens connector designed for harsh climatic conditions, with protection cap
connector 2: 4x LC Duplex opticalCON DUO panel connector
Our SmartBeam OCTO is a world’s first – the very first 8x expanded beam connector. A flood of customer requests inspired us to get to work on its development – and here’s the result. The rugged housing (IP 67 rating) makes the cable impervious to harsh conditions and contamination. Its eight lenses deliver transfer rates of 8 x 10 GB/s! And of course we can supply the matching cable – our new Fiberflex ULTRA F8UM11. Its eight fibres (8 x 50/125 µm, OM3, multimode) have a 500 μm primary coating und 900 µm tight buffered fibre layers for optimum protection, yet the cable has an external diameter of only 6.4 mm! Winding and drum storage are therefore child’s play even at extreme temperatures. The FiberExplorer is a matching breakout box that complements the cable and connectors to create a complete system. This is the first 8x FO system to be launched on the market, and we’ve already supplied complete systems for two outside broadcast vans, which are now in use in programme production. The complete system comprises cable drum, pigtail and FiberExplorer. The FiberExplorer offers connections for the SmartBeam OCTO and 4 x SC and 4 x LC / Neutrik OpticalCon outputs. The SmartBeam OCTO – taking giant strides into the digital future!
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