KLOTZ cable tie set
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  • BIND IT & WRAP IT - the current KLOTZ cable ties
  • adé cable spaghetti
  • neatly rolled
  • space-saving
  • cable-friendly
  • secure and reliable
  • extend cable life
2-3 Tage
Klotz Cable tie 250 mm, Set 5pc. Cyan/Black

order code: KCT250BL

length:250 mm
scope of delivery:1 set (5 pieces)
short-notice delivery possible
€9.28 / set
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany
It's a familiar scenario: spending good money on a cable, only to have it lying around loose in a case, getting more and more twisted and tangled during transport, and finally ending up as a hopeless jumble. What a pity to ruin good cables – because cables that are neatly rolled for storage have a far longer life. With the new KLOTZ Cable Ties, every cable has its place. Neatly rolled, space-saving and protected, cables are ideally managed for travel from studio to stage and back. And as an added bonus, there's no need to waste time and trouble on untangling cables before a performance, saving you time and energy. Secure and reliable - KLOTZ Cable Ties extend cable life.