bulk cables

Based on expertise from 40 years of top-quality cable production for the installation sector, KLOTZ supplies the perfect cable for all possible applications. Our installation cables comply with general construction standards (CPR) and material specifications (FRNC).


Our extensive range of microphone cables offers the perfect product for any type of user, from budget-conscious entry-level customers to meticulous quality-conscious pros. Common features of all our product series are their outstanding transmission characteristics and superb craftsmanship.


At KLOTZ our range of speaker cables includes premium cables with conductor cross-section up to 24 x 4.0 mm2. You will find the ideal cable for every application and transmission length. KLOTZ speaker and line array cables are available for all standard PA systems, e.g. d&b and L-Acoustics.

power & hybrid

High currents, varying connector types and long transmission distances all call for high-quality products. We supply hybrid power, signal and data cables, all in the premium quality that is our hallmark here at KLOTZ.

systems & stageboxes

From connection boxes and stage boxes to modular 19” split systems (MIS, MultiLink) with 100-plus channels, all the products we supply reflect our ultra-rigorous quality standards. The majority of our systems are digital ready and capable of processing both analogue and digital systems.

fiber optic

Optical fiber has long replaced copper in the IT and media industries for transmission over long distances and high-volume data transmission. KLOTZ has the ideal fiber optic cables for all optical fiber connections and networks.

video, tv & camera

In addition to a proven range of HD-SDI products, KLOTZ supplies an HDMI special cable for all situations where professional cabling for cameras, displays and conference halls is needed. The HDMI special cable has a detachable connector for installation in cable ducts and smoothly delivers high-res images over distances of up to 100 meters.

components & tools

Backed by the expertise from 40 years of top-quality cable production, we raise the bar for audio accessories to new heights. In addition to rugged connection boxes and wall boxes, we also supply an extensive range of cable accessories including termination panels, connectors and tools for professional making-up of quality signal connection cables.