4 x DVI extender set TX / RX with SmartBeam QUAD


  • set consists of TX 19" and RX truss & floor box
  • transmission path up to 250 m (depending on HDCP)
  • plug & play system, no EDID learn etc.
  • TMDS signal encoding and EDID data remains unaffected by this and are completely transferred with
  • maximum resolution of 1080p or WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • four DVI connections in a quadruple-glass fiber line
  • please note the maximum lengths for DVI-D cables as specified by the hardware manufacturers
  • for high resolutions we recommend a maximum DVI-D cable length of 5m
2-3 Tage

order code: EXTDK12SD4

connector 1:4x DVI IN
connector 2:4x DVI OUT
max. cable length:DVI: 15 ft. / 5 m
housing:19", 1 RU, metal
housing color:black
short-notice delivery possible
€8,524.09 / set
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


fiber type: Multimode 50/125 µm
pixel clock: 225 MHz
housing: 19 inch, 1RU, depth: 200 mm (19" unit), w: 65 mm / h: 290 mm / d: 225 mm (truss & floor box)
temperature range:  
operation: ±0°C / +50°C
storage: -20°C / +70°C


connectors: SmartBeam4, DVI-D female, Neutrik powerCON True1
The FO-Extender-Boxes from KLOTZ AIS get a flagship. It combines four DVI connections on one optical line - maximum functionality for maximum benefit! It is no secret in the event industry: the amount of data to be transmitted continues to increase, not least due to high-resolution video signals. The new extender set EXTDK12SD4 from KLOTZ AIS solves the problem in an elegant way: it combines four DVI connections in a quadruple fibre optic cable. These can be used, for example, to provide four screens with different video streams. The active extender set has a SmartBeam-QUAD connector and is powered by a powerCON connector. The SmartBeam QUAD chassis connector and DVI connectors are located at the front of the unit. Both the 19" input box and the truss output box are made of sturdy aluminium and can easily withstand all conceivable mechanical loads. The set transmits four DVI signals in DVI 1.0 and HDCP standard over a distance of up to 250 meters via multimode fiber, up to a maximum resolution of 1080p or WUXGA (1920 x 1200). The TMDS signal coding and EDID data remain untouched and are transmitted in full. With the KLOTZ AIS FO-Extender, DVI video signals can be transmitted over long distances without loss.
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