microphone & StarQuad

This section leads through the extensive range of microphone and StarQuad cables, starting with the all-time classic & bestseller MY206, high-end mic cable MC5000, up to a wide range of StarQuad audio cables for mobile or fixed installation.

analog audio

Balanced and unbalanced audio lines can be found in this overview. From instrument cables, such as the TOP 'Supreme' cable AC110SW to zip cord patch cables IY205 or TP414, rack installation cables (P0122Y, -H and J105YGR) and all multicore cables incl. bestseller PolyWIRE.

digital audio

The extensive range of digital AES/EBU cables, from single-pair to multicore cables for mobile use or fixed installation. These include OT1000 & OT2000, the all-time classic & bestseller OT206 as well as OmniWIRE, OmniSTAR and OmniFIX multicore cables.


From simple parallel loudspeaker cables, to fine stranded and twisted speaker cables for the professional and hifi enthusiast, to speaker multicore cables and cables specially designed for prof. line array systems. All cables available for mobile or installation use.

video, camera, RG & coaxial

HD-SDI video cable (UHD / 6GSDI), video multicore cable, camera cable according to SMPTE standard, TRIAX cable and 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm coaxial cable round off this segment. As always in this category: cables for both mobile and installation purposes.


All important cables for DMX light signal transmission in single and two-pair conductor design.

power & lighting

Only the best 'under current': the TITANEX Premium power cable (waterproof) and TITANEX highly flexible with rubber jacket.


Special 'combination cables' for special applications: Audio and/or video, network combined with power and/or network.

bus & control

Media Control cable (MC34P15H), PolyDATA and RS232/422 data cable.

fiber optic

All Fibre Optic bulk cable models for fixed installation: Duplex-Zip, Duplex-Flat, Breakout cable, Universal F/O cable with central loose tube, or F/O cables specially designed for outdoor use - everything is included. Available in single-mode and multimode and of course in different Fibre categories OM4 and OS2.

CAT network

Probably the largest range of CAT network cables for mobile use in live touring / event, mobile broadcast, theatre etc. Mobile CAT cables - the RamCAT series product family from KLOTZ AIS. All cables tested according to AES67 / Ravenna, Dante, AES50 SuperMAC/HyperMAC, AVB, MADI via Ethernet, GigaACE, Ethersound, RockNet by Riedel, A-Net by AVIOM, HDBase-T and 10GBase-T.