termination panel for 6x SmartBeam D series or opticalCON
1 RU


  • 19", 1 RU, depth 200 mm
  • for six SmartBeam bulkhead adapters
  • easy to use
  • including adhesive numbers
  • including clips to fix the optical fibres firmly to the termination panel
  • aluminium (broadcast quality)
2-3 Tage
19" AL patch panel 1RU for 6 x, opticalCON panel conn. or

order code: TP1NFX06FF

pre-drilled holes:six (for SmartBeam bulkhead adapters)
height:1 RU
width:19 inch
depth:200 mm
housing color:black
short-notice delivery possible
€126.14 / pcs
incl. German VAT and incl. postage within Germany this product is available for business customers only


material: aluminium (broadcast quality)
pre-drilled holes: six (for SmartBeam bulkhead adapters)
The 19" box, 1 HU (height unit) high and 200 mm deep, has six openings for installing pre-made SmartBeam bulkhead connectors for optical fibre cables. The panel is easy to use. The bulkhead connectors are unscrewed, passed through the opening from the back and reassembled. They are protected and secure in the panel housing. Breakout cables are fed through holes on the rear of the panel., , The Termination Panel is supplied with adhesive numbers designed to fit the recesses next to the holes. The openings themselves are fitted with dummy covers. Clips are also supplied to fix the optical fibres firmly to the rear of the termination panel. This prevents slipping and friction and extends the life of the cables.
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