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Name Description Size File
Company Profile 02.2014 english   4 KB
Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions as pdf-file   556 KB
Tender documentation texts The article texts and article data provided by us are available in downloadable .doc format (Microsoft Word). Data can be used in tender applications. By downloading these files you acknowledge that KLOTZ CABLES assumes no liability for the correct further use of the data and in particular for its correctness, given that you receive the data as unprotected Word documents to enable their rapid and convenient further processing.

The files and data are the intellectual property of KLOTZ Audio Interface Systems A.I.S. GmbH and must not be changed or used for any purposes other than for tenders.  
620 KB
ISO Certificate Quality Management System acc. to ISO 9001:2008   340 KB
RoHS Certification   679 KB
opticalCON Assembler Certifcate KLOTZ Cables is certified opticalCON Assembler 2013-15   268 KB
Interseroh CO2 Savings Certification   1,70 MB
Colour code tables Colour codes by KLOTZ Cables and according to DIN 47100/11.79   845 KB
Professional Bulk Cables No. 1 Catalog valid from 01.03.2013   14,19 MB
Pro Consumer Products No.1 Catalog valid from 02.2014   22,53 MB
Fibre Optics No. 6 valid from 02.2014   4,33 MB
Pinouts HAN DD for Harting multipins - single ground   1,19 MB
Pinouts HAN D / DD for Harting multipins - common ground   1,13 MB
Pinouts RMP for round multipin connectors - single ground   1,49 MB
AWG tables   789 KB
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